Reliable Permitting

Permitting Service

  • Residential and Commerical
  • All Trades Permits
  • Complete & submit government agency applications
  • Maintain weekly permit status schedule & forward to client
  • Pick-up agency comments/corrections, review & distribute to appropriate consultants with schedule for resubmittal
  • Coordinate with all parties to ensure timely submittals & satisfy plan check corrections
  • We streamline rejection comments to insure timely re-submittals and minimize costly mistakes
  • Obtain government agency condo and HOA approvals, business licenses & building permits
  • Deliver approved plans, permits, inspection cards & receipts to jobsite & client
Reliable Permitting

Code Compliance

  • Code Violations
  • UnSafe Structures
  • Open Permits
  • Due Dilligence Permit Researches
  • Permit Inspections
  • Permits by Affidavits
Reliable Permitting

Construction Administration Services

  • Notice to Owners
  • Liens
  • Clerk Recording
  • Site Development Permitting
  • Enviromental Resource Permitting
  • Courier
  • Inspection Scheduling
  • Clerical

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With over 25 years of experience and outstanding customer support services, Reliable Permitting & BSS Inc. will guide you through the many aspects of Permitting, Code Compliance and Administrative support.
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